21.11.2016: Aleksander Szczurek

IMB Mainz
full day
Course on super-resolution Binding Activated Localisation Microscopy (BALM) of the nuclear DNA

14.10.16: Prof. Rainer Heintzmann

Jena University
10:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Lightwedge and Lightsheet-Raman Microscopy

12.04.16: Dr. Michael Blank

Bar-Ilan University
14:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
The role of E3 ubiquitin ligase Smurf2 in cancer

01.03.16: Workshop

11:00 IMB Room 00.322
Workshop "Super-resolution microscopy (SRM) of human DNA regions"

02.02.16: Prof. Asli Silahtaroglu

University Copenhagen
14:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Chromosome rearrangements as a natural model for studying function and regulatory mechanisms in the genome

01.02.16: Prof. Volker Schmid

LMU Munich
14:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Spatial Statistics - towards methods for high-throughput nucleonics

06.10.15: Pier Alberto Benedetti

U.O.S. di Pisa
15:30 IMB room 00.322
Video-Confocal Superresolution Microscopy based on DLP Illumination

20.07.15: Kinder-Uni Mainz

10:30-11:00 IMB, SR 2nd floor
Sherlock-Holmes Optik Führerschein

08.05.15: Symposium in Memoriam Heinz Eipel

13:30-18:00 Heidelberg, INF 227, HS2
Advanced Optical Techniques in Single Cell Analysis

24.02.15: Workshop Microscopy

10:00-16:00 room 00 236, Building 2121
Workshop Microscopy

18.02.15: Prof. Mike Heilemann

Goethe University Frankfurt
14:15 MPIC SR 3
Quantitative single-molecule super-resolution microscopy of cellular structures

04.11.14: Dr. Malte Wachmuth

14:15 IMB SR 2nd floor
Light Sheet Microscopy and beyond

14.08.14: Scientific Cameras

11:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Scientific Cameras - State of performance and how it is achieved

14.08.14: Prof. Herbert Schneckenburger and Dr. Thomas Bruns

Hochschule Aalen
14:00 IMB room 1.624
3D Fluorescence and Scattering Microscopy; 3D Sample Holding and Rotation

06.05.14: Dr. Martin Schmitt, MD, PhD

LMU Munich
13:30 IMB SR 2nd floor
Advanced imaging in atherosclerosis research: Two-Photon Laser Scanning and STED Microscopy

06.05.14: Shreeram Akilesh, MD, PhD

University of Washington
16:00 IMB SR 2
Using the kidney as a platform to study cell morphology and genome regulation

04.02.14: Dr. Jonas Ries

EMBL Heidelberg
14:30 IMB SR 2nd floor
Superresolution Microscopy of Protein Structures in Situ

13.02.14: Prof. Karl-Heinz Brenner

University Heidelberg
14:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Scanning Microscopy with Diffractive Microlenses

11.03.14: Prof. Jurek Dobrucki

University Crakow
16:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Combining cytometry and microscopy

26.02.14: Prof. Christina Wege

University Stuttgart
14:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Light-optical nanoscopy rulers based on plant viral assemblies: from imaging tools to biodetection and multifunctional hybrids

20.01.14: Dr. Manuel Gunkel

Bioquant Heidelberg
14:00 IMB SR 2nd floor
Correlative light microscopy for RNAi screening