Advanced Seminar: Biophysics of Genome Structure

Advanced Seminar (Oberseminar)

Times: Wednesday 11:00-12:30,
Place: IMB Mainz, Ackermannweg 4, Board room (2nd floor)

Seminar available through video conferencing at KIP, Uni Heidelberg
Lecturers:Prof. Dr. Christoph Cremer, Dr. Udo Birk
The languages used throughout the course will be English and German.
This course addresses students who hold a Masters or Diplom degree in Physics or Biophysics.

All living things (such as human) arise from individual cells and consist of individual cells; the cells in turn are organized in hundreds of different tissues with specific biochemical and structural properties. These basic elements of life interact to form dynamic, highly organized structures in which supramolecular complexes of biological macromolecules ("Biomolecular Machines" BMMS) are decisive functionaries. Such supramolecular structures may be formed from many thousands or millions of atoms.

The information required to generate such a BMMS is stored in the genome, for the most part in the nucleus. A number of control mechanisms are in place to decide when and how this information is used. This is the field of Epigenetics. The seminar covers special topics of the biophysical aspects of research dedicated to elucidate the genome structure and its epigenetic regulation.

Course material