Basics of Biomedical Optics 2 /
Grundlagen der Biomedizinischen Optik 2

Lecture / Tutorial / Lab

Summer term 2016, Begin: Apr. 19.

Lectures: Tuesday 14:15-15:45, IMB Mainz, Ackermannweg 4, IMB Seminar room, 2nd floor
Tutorial: Wednesday 13:00-14:30, Institut für Physik, Staudingerweg 7, CIP pool 03.423
Lab: Block course beginning of August 03-05 (tbc), three full days.
Lecturers: Dr. Udo Birk, Prof. Dr. Christoph Cremer
Teaching language will be English, unless otherwise specified.

In the tutorials, a advanced concepts of image processing will be discussed, based on the programming environment MATLAB. Students will be given exercises to model the physical processes discussed during the lectures, and to evaluate the potential of the corresponding imaging / illumination / detection techniques.

In the lectures to Basics of Biomedical Optics 2 (i.e. in the second term in summer 2015), details of specific techniques of optical imaging, laser spectroscopy, and optical metrology, as well as their application in biology and medicine will be discussed. Recent developments in microscopic imaging techniques will be presented wherein 150-year old physical limits have been overcome and where true molecular resolution has been accomplished. Students will be exposed to cutting edge approaches to molecular resolution in linear and nonlinear optical microscopy, which are uniquely available in Mainz at the Institute for Molecular Biology. These purely optical imaging approaches will be complemented by an introduction to photoacoustic imaging and detection. Also in the second part, specifics of medical imaging and laser applications in diagnostics and therapy will be discussed e.g., imaging of whole bodies, clinical and pre-clinical imaging, and tomographic approaches. Image reconstruction including deconvolution approaches will also be presented in this second term.

In the labcourse, several high- and super-resolution microscopes will be worked with in hands-on experiments. These microscopes will be applied to image biological specimens from ongoing research collaborations. Students will perform image analysis to reconstruct represenations of the biological structures at hand.
The aim is to provide the students with access to state-of-the art far field optical microscopy setups, illustrating the enormous progress that far field optical microscopy has recently made.

M.Sc. Physics course

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Course lecture material and exercises

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Preliminary program

Date Content Lecturer
19.04. Recap from previous term: Resolution and Fourier Optics
History of Superresolution Microscopy
26.04. Focussed Nanoscopy UB
03.05. Spatial Frequency mixing by Interferometric illumination UB
10.05. Localization Microscopy UB
17.05. Deconvolution and deblurring UB
24.05. Optics of the human eye
Introduction to medical optics: Imaging, Diagnostics and Therapy
31.05. Lab visit UB
07.06. Light transportation in tissue: Radiative Transfer Equation and Light Diffusion UB
14.06. 3D Computed Tomography
21.06. Diffuse Optical Tomography
Optical Coherence Tomography
05.07. Photoacoustical Imaging and Detection UB
12.07. Non-linear imaging (non-lin Structured Illumination, SHG, Raman, saturation) UB
19.07. Light Sheet Microscopy UB