Biophysics and Cellular Modelling


Winter term 2015/16, Begin: Oct. 21.

Times: Tuesday 14:15-15:45,
Place: IMB Mainz, Ackermannweg 4, Meeting room 1.624 (1st floor)

!!! Updated schedule: Now on Tuesdays, meeting room 01.624 !!!

Lecturers: Dr. Udo Birk
Teaching language will be English, unless otherwise specified.

In the course/tutorial, a general introduction to the concept of numerical modelling in biology will be given. For simulations, the programming environment MATLAB will be used, with emphasis on deterministic models. Students will be given exercises to model the physical processes related to various biological phenomena, and to evaluate the potential of the corresponding model for prediction of the behaviour of biological systems.

Examples encompass basic chemistry of amino acids, biophysics of cell membranes, modelling of polymers, as well as signalling and transport.

M.Sc. Recommended Literature

R.W. Shonkwiler and J. Herod, Mathematical Biology, Springer 2009

M.Sc. Physics course

Jogustine entry for this course at the University of Mainz

Course lecture material and exercises

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