Lecture series - winter term 2013/2014

Advanced Course on Molecular Microscopy

Contents: Principles of advanced optical microscopy

Resolving structural features at the molecular scale is absolutely essential for harnessing the power of nanotechnology and exploring the unique hierarchical structure of complex biological systems. In this course, we will present very recent developments in optical microscopy wherein 150-year old physical limits have been overcome and where true molecular imaging has been accomplished. Students will be exposed to cutting edge approaches to molecular resolution in linear and nonlinear microscopy, which are uniquely available in Mainz at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, the Institute for Molecular Biology, and the University of Mainz. Following completion of the lecture portion of the course, students will be given laboratory tours at the institutes to see the details of these microscopy systems. This course requires at least a basic course in electromagnetics/optics and will be taught at the post-baccalaureate level.

  • Brief history of microscopy
  • 20th century early concepts of nanoscopy
  • Photophysics
  • Focussing superresolution techniques
  • Structured Excitation Illumination techniques
  • Single molecule nanoscopy using Spectrally Assigned Localization Microscopy
  • Vibrational Imaging


Date and place:

When: Block course: Feb. 17-20 (09h15-15h00),
and Student project presentation on March 6 (09h15-17h30)
Where: In Mainz: Seminarraum E 01-231, Staudingerweg 9
             In Heidelberg (life video): to be anounced.
Instructors: Prof. C. Cremer, Dr. S. Parakh, Dr. U. Birk

Recommended literature:

Born/Wolf: Principles of Optics, Cambridge University Press
Hecht: Optik, Oldenbourg Verlag
Gu: Advanced Optical Imaging Theory, Springer