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Head: Prof. Dr. Christoph Cremer
Deputy Group Leader: Dr. Marton Gelleri

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Cooperation Unit Biophysics of the Genome Structure

Superresolution Microscopy

Welcome to eXtreme resolution microscopy

Our group at the Institute of Molecular Biology GmbH - an Excellence Centre for Life Sciences funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation - and at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics focusses on development and application of novel far field fluorescence microscopy techniques. We set up LASER microscopes i.e., work on optical setups and on image analysis tools for quantitative (fluorescence) microscopy with a detection sensitivity down to the single molecule level.

Conventional epifluorescence microscopy is limited in resolution (to about 200 nm laterally, 600 nm axially) by the shere nature of light (by diffraction), and is hence insufficient to study the nanostructure of subcellular components. At IMB-Mainz, we have established a variety of superresolution microscopy ("nanoscopy") methods. Our present spectrum for 'nanoimaging' of nuclear structures comprises confocal laser scanning 4Pi-microscopy, Spatially Modulated Illumination (SMI) and Patterned Excitation Microscopy (PEM) devices, as well as Spectrally Assigned Localization Microscopy (SALM). Our microscope systems can and have been applied to study the composition, function and metabolism of many biomolecular structures. Few other fields of biology benefit as much from the revolutionary developments in light microscopy as the study of the architecture of the cell nucleus and of its functional layout.

In the multi-disciplinary environment here at IMB-Mainz we also offer Masters and PhD theses at the utmost forefront of what is currently possible in far field light microscopical analyses of the cell. Depending on the background and interest of the candidate, the focus of the PhD will be shifted either towards biophysics/optics or towards biology.

A brief overview of our work - in particular of the (mainly biological) applications of these eXtreme resolution microscopes - can also be found on the IMB-website of our group.

Our latest work


Jan Neumann
has succesfully completed his Ph.D. CONGRATULATIONS
Dr. Marton Gelleri
Has joined our group. Marton has a PhD in the field of microscopy at MPI Molecular Physiology Dortmund.
Dr. Maria Fernanda Contreras Gerenas
Joined our group as part of a collaboration project with the Mannheim Medical Faculty and Heidelberg University. She has a PhD in Biosciences from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Nanobiotechnology and chromatin remodeling in disease are among her scientific interests.
PD Dr. Udo Birk
We congratulate Udo Birk for his new appointment as lecturer in Image Processing at the Institute of Photonics at the HTW Chur.
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